Grammar check

Please  help me to correct the grammar mistake and the paper  meet the following qualification

Your paper should contain a description of exactly what happened and what the outcome ofthe negotiation was. Of course, exemplary papers will do more than simply recount thedetails of the negotiation. They will also discuss preparation and strategy, and will criticallyanalyze what happened and why. You should try to include all of the relevant strategicelements of the negotiation in your paper. Your grade for this paper will be based on thefollowing criteria:(a) Depth of analysis: Have you correctly employed key concepts to analyze the negotiation?How well have you applied your learning from the course to your analysis of this case?(b) Introspection: Have you linked your experiences with your goals for the course and yourstrengths and weaknesses? What have you learned about your negotiating style and skillsfrom this negotiation experience? What would you do differently in the future?(c) Creativity: How unique was the context? How inventive was your strategy? How did youmeet expected and unexpected challenges?(d) Quality of the story: Have you included the relevant details? Is it interesting and well-written?