Government and Programs to Aid Those Who Lack Sufficient Funds

Government and Programs to Aid Those Who Lack Sufficient Funds

The U.S. is facing a serious issue. Our government cannot provide enough for the masses, and the masses cannot provide enough for themselves. While this is already a problem, there are many problems that stem from insufficient funds in society. There are multiple programs within the institutions of North-America that attemp…

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A Response to Richard Frye’s Article on Young Adults Living Arrangements

I chose to write my response on Richard Frye’s article about young adults living arrangements. The article pertained to the percentage of adults between the ages of 18 and 34 who were living at home, or not. Many different theories were expressed in Frye’s research. Frye explains all of the factors that affect the outcome o…

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A Critical Analysis of the Mcdonaldization of Society, an Article by George Ritzer

The McDonaldization of society by George Ritzer is an article that seeks to expose a humongous problem among people today. Ritzer explains the need that people have shown to reach their objectives as quickly and easily as possible. This may not sound bad, what’s wrong with people reaching their goals quickly? The problem be…

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The Second Amendment: The Two Different Opinions on Gun Laws in America

The second amendment generally holds two different opinions on the gun laws that have been created over time. Having the right to bear arms is what amendment two is all about, but people have a lot to argue about with it. Although it seems short and simple when reading in the Bill of Rights, somehow there is still a huge is…

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A Comparison of the Attitudes of Pro-Lifers and Pro-Choicers on Abortion

Abortion: A Woman’s Choice Abortion has been a controversial topic for decades. On one side, the pro-lifers believe that abortion is equivalent to the murder of a baby and, therefore, a violation of the right to life of the baby. On the opposing side, the pro-choicers believe a woman, as a human being, has the right to pri…

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We Must Protect Our Nation and Fight Against Terrorism

After the recent attacks in Beirut, Paris, Kenya, and France, much of the world has joined together to show respect for those who have lost loved ones. Although we may be far apart, we share many of the same feelings– anger, grief, and shock. These attacks remind us all to well of the events that took place on our own so…

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The Leadership Roles of Women and the Media

Women in Leadership and the Media When women occupy leadership roles, several differences occur than when a man would occupy the same role. The media decreases their tolerance for the leadership style a woman might use in a historically male role. Women aren’t taken seriously due to being over-sexualized or stereotyped….

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The Detrimental Effects of Public Statement of Opinions

As a society, it is often in our nature to express our opinion. The first amendment gives us the right to do so. Whether it be through television shows, magazines, or online blogs, people want to be heard and many are not afraid to hold back. The opinions that are expressed through the media are often detrimental and underm…

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The Need to Change Our Behaviors Toward Prejudice

Prejudice is an unreasonable feeling, especially the feeling of not liking a particular group of people, preconceive opinion that leads to preferential treatment to certain kind of people or prejudgment to the people that you meet on your first sight by their looking, wearing, and behavior. This is cause by several factors…

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What Qualities One Has to Have to Be a Good Head of the Family and Avoid Prejudgment

Prejudice is an unreasonable feeling, especially the feeling of not liking a particular group of people, preconceive opinion that leads to preferential treatment to certain kind of people or prejudgment to the people that you meet on your first sight by their looking, wearing, and behavior. This is cause by several factors…

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An Essay Opposing the Gentrification of Neighborhoods

One may not notice when the neighborhoods around us are being gentrified if we are young, due to our ignorance of such complex thing. Believe or not, here in Chicago we are the city which is most affected by gentrification, according to the 2000 census statistics. Social worries have been growing ever since the term was coi…

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The Face of America in 2015

The way in which Americans live in American Civilization can be reflected in many different ways. Two items that would best reflect 2015 America that will be opened up in 3017 out of a time capsule are Cellphones and Money. Cellphones are a huge part of the American Civilization in 2015, they are becoming the next big thin…

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‘What Can We Do to Stop Police Officers Using Unnecessary Excessive Force and Getting Away With It

Officers is now getting away with unnecessary excessive force and even murders, but what can we the people do to stop this? There is many ways that we can do to get justice for everything that they have done towards the black community. We all may know about the Freddie Gray case, Eric Garner case, or Michael Brown case,…

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The Causes and Positive and Negative Effects of Child Labor

Child Labor: Causes and Effects Do you know what happens to children who are forced into child labor? Child labor is when children under the age of eighteen are forced to work for longer periods of time then standard work hours. Some children work for families and work in homes or fields and although work long periods, re…

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An Evaluation of Strategies for the Support of Breastfeeding Mothers

What do you feel when you see a mother breastfeeding her infant in public? Can you imagine how yours or someone else’s judgement can change a mother’s perspective? Now new mothers can find support throughout their hometown to accept their choice to breastfeed their child. Three strategies I read over in “An Evaluation of th…

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Miley Cyrus Should Be Branded with W for Wild, Like Hester Prynne Was

Miley Cyrus, “W” for Wild As it was in the early days of America, today’s society uses the act of “shunning” to shame a person or a certain group into behaving in a way that society approves. Like Hester Prynne, who was shunned by the Puritan’s in Nathaniel Hawthorne’s novel The Scarlet Letter, many celebrities, politician…

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The Conflict between the Orthodox and the Progressive Sides of the American Culture War

The American Culture war is the cultural conflict between different groups and their beliefs in what kind of country we ought to live in. These groups are listed under the two cultural classes in The United States of America; the orthodox and the progressive. The orthodox believe that morals and religion should be the prima…

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A Discussion on the Controversy of Homosexual Couples Adopting Children After the Legalization of the Same Sex Marriage in the US In June of 2015

In June of 2015, same sex marriage became legal in the United States. Following this ruling, there are controversies involving homosexual couples right to adopt children. A person’s sexual orientation does not change the desire to raise a family. It also does not change a child’s desire to become a part of a family. Every c…

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The Historical and Sociological Importance of Jane Addams and Auguste Comte

Jane Addams, of Cedarville, Illinois, was an extremely powerful force in America. She not only established the first settlement house for education of adults and children in Chicago, Illinois, but also assembled a group of strong individuals to serve as the face of the democratization of women in the Progressive Era. Born t…

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The Social Reasons Why Men’s Sports Are More Popular Than Women’s

Drive through any city in America and you will see a giant stadium dedicated to the men’s sports team with sponsors, apparel stores, and windows selling outrageously priced tickets. That same city’s women’s teams, however, are lucky if they get to play at the local college or community center. Why, in a society that has see…

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Women’s Rights and Gender Based Discrimination in the Modern World

Pro Side Women face gender based discrimination related to experiences that men are not presented with in society. Laws are put into place to emphasize the natural human rights that everyone is exposed to simply by belonging to the human family. These rights are inalienable and belong to the citizens within the countries a…

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Gender Quotas Go Against the Principles of Democracy

Gender quotas when put into place do increase the number of women in governmental positions, but this however does not mean that there is an increase in women representation and the voices of these women being heard. Gender quotas go against the principles of democracy and the underlying choice of representation within the…

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Men Are Equally Qualified as Women to Be Involved in Creating Women’s Policies

Legislators are the leaders we elect to represent our ideas as we instill our trust in them as being able to instill the beliefs we have and are not able to do so ourselves. The gender of the leader should be irrelevant as people’s mindsets are more so shaped off of their cultural environment than simply their sex. Therefor…

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Gender Role and the Evolution of the Role of Women in the United States

What is the proper way for a lady to act? In America around 1910, stereotypically, she should be polite, gentle, caring, admirable, and beautiful. When a woman draws away from conformity, essentially, she is separating herself from an assigned gender role. Over time, gender roles in the United States have gradually, but dra…

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The Use and Effects of Marijuana on Entertainment, Politics, Fashion, Technology, and Literature

A lot can change in a period of seventeen years, including underground culture, and what could be more symbolic of America’s underground than drugs? Drugs are mysterious, taboo, illegal, and generally disapproved of- until now. Since the early 1990’s, the use and prevalence of marijuana in American society has increased d…

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