Select an organization with which you are familiar. This organization is the basis for your Market Research Implementation Plan.

The Organization is General Motors Company.

Select a scenario from the following list: Below is the Chosen Scenario

·         An organization wants to evaluate its perceived customer service.

Write a 250 -word detailed outline of your Market Research Implementation Plan in which you address the following:

·         Describe your selected organization and scenario.

·         Based on your selected scenario, identify the detailed areas in which market research is needed – such as population, target market, and per capita – and describe their importance to the organization in the selected scenario.

·         Develop an outline with headings and a brief paragraph for each of the sections that you anticipate having in your final Market Research Implementation Plan. <~~ THIS IS THE BULLET NEEDED TO BE WORKED ON! AS WELL AS AN CONCLUSION! ONE SOURCE REQUIRED AS WELL!

Format your outline consistent with APA guidelines.