General Survey and Health History of the Older Adult

General Survey and Health History of the Older Adult (graded)

For the past couple of weeks following discharge, Red has been showing signs of improvement in terms of increasing independence and wound healing.  However, upon assessment this morning he is noted to be increasingly forgetful, exhibiting a somewhat foul odor, and is refusing to take any of his medications or engage with any of the services that you enlisted to assist him following discharge when completing your week 2 Discharge Teaching Assignment. 

Given these new developments, what other things would you be observing for during the completion of your general survey on this elderly gentleman? What changes to your plan of care would you make based on these new findings?  Do you feel that it is safe for him to remain at home based on the needs identified and services put into place when developing your teaching plan? If not, what would be the risks and benefits associated with moving him from his home to Jim and Judy’s home or perhaps even an assisted living facility at this time?