Gender Discrimination in the Gaming Industry

Gender Discrimination in the Gaming Industry

For the most part the gaming industry and the gamer demographic has been mostly male-dominated and any women who work in the gaming industry are harassed and even threatened, while girls who claim to be gamers tend to be called “fake” but their male counterparts. Why is it this way? Why do men feel such a need to antagonize…

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An Analysis of the Writings of Rousseau in Regards to Women’s Influence in Society

Developmental ideologies in regards to the state of nature, within the realm of Rousseau’s opinion, has led his readers to question whether women are truly necessary to the development of a society. Civil society has developed extensively over the course of mankind’s existence, and the way in which all inhabitants have cont…

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The Wrong Body Image in Today’s Soceity

Women in today’s media have been objectified to being objects, being overly sexual, and looking like flawless Barbie dolls. Women today feel the need to have big breasts and a big behind to attract the opposite sex. Women tend to want to show off their bodies because they believe this will get the males attention. They want…

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The Appeal of Reality Shows

Day to day lives are stressful for most people, it is nice to come home from a long day and relax on the couch to watch some television. Most people will put the channel on a reality show, sit back, forget about their own life and problems and watch another persons. But why are reality shows more popular than other genres s…

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An Evaluation of the Argument of Amy Hasinoff in the Article Teenage Sexting is Not Child Porn

“Teenage Sexting Is Not Child Porn” On April 4, 2016, The New York Times published op-ed contributor Amy Hasinoff’s article titled “Teenage Sexting Is Not Child Porn”. Her thesis is that teenagers who sext consensually, should not be charged for child porn. Amy Hasinoff is an assistant professor of Communication at the…

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The Importance of Safety Regulations and Policies for Our Children’s Outdoor Safety

Being outside and enjoying nature is something we all love to do,but like most activities,it does comes with plenty of safety regulations and policies that we must all follow to ensure the safety and protection of our children and/or someone else’s.Unintentional accidents are more likely to happen outside than inside.While…

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Child Abuse in the Sad Story of Mary Ellen Wilson

Mary Ellen’s story is heart wrenching, almost making me sick to my stomach. It’s about a small girl born in New York City in 1864 to a Thomas and Frances Wilson. Unfortunately Thomas died at war, and Frances couldn’t take care of her and work. Frances eventually gave her up to a caretaker named Mary Score who she paid to ta…

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An Overview of the Controversial Issue of Gender

Introduction Gender is one of the most debated sociological topics worldwide and there are a range of views on how humans are constituted as gendered beings. Our gender determines our social function and purpose in society. Gender can be described as, “psychological, social, and cultural aspects of maleness and femaleness”…

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An Overview of the 1960’s Pop Culture and Its Influence

Introduction When envisioning a time in our society’s history when the world was rebellious, free spirited, and mindful – the 1960’s comes to mind. Radio, film, television, and music are media which affect and contribute to the known identity of a society at a point in time. In fact, these media establish popular culture…

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The Major Evidence Obtained by Policymakers That Can Be Used in Practice and the Hierarchy of Evidence

Traffic congestion is just one of many problems faced by the Jakarta
city administration. While the city has planned numerous policies, with
some already being implemented, ending the problem of traffic-choked roads
is still a distant reality. The traffic congestion is mainly caused by the
volume of vehicles exceeding the r…

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A Research on Whether the Washington Redskins Should Change Their Name or Not

After reading the two articles on the conflict between whether the Washington Redskin’s should change their name, and after reading Chris Hoenig’s and Christopher Gasper’s opinions and thoughts on the matter, I feel they shouldn’t change their name. The coach of this football team assures us that the name of the team isn’t…

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A Proposal to Make Laws to End Bullying

Proposal: Laws Against Bullying The best solution to make an attempt to end bullying is by making laws for it. Bullying is a serious issue that can have negative results, even deadly results. Depression is a serious mental illness, and one that requires long-term treatment and support. Many people suffer from it, but somet…

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Hazing Should Be Outlawed Due to the Deaths It Caused

Hazing Essay Hazing is the act of abusing authority in a way that places individuals in situations that can cause harm, violence, or injury. Tasks needed to be done for hazing are usually physical and humiliating. The purpose of hazing is to test an individual’s breaking point in order to see how serious they are about bec…

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Gender Stereotypes of Women in Society, Sports, and Workforce

Gender Stereotypes Gender stereotypes have been evident since ancient times. Men have always had to suppress their emotions, and take care of their families financially. Meanwhile, the role of a women was to nourish and take care of her family and husband. These stereotypes were passed on to further generations, in which t…

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The Factors That Causes Poverty in the United States

Poverty is the state of being poor and lacking the basic necessities for survival. Poverty is such a pervasive problem because it affects everyone in some way and because of our country’s economic state, the cost of living seems to increase and has become more difficult to afford. “Low-Wage Worker Are Finding Poverty Harder…

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The Issue of Drug Use Among Welfare Recipients in the United States

A welfare recipient is a person who receives financial assistance from their government in order to ensure their welfare. Requiring welfare recipients to stop using illegal drugs is a core element of reciprocal obligation; with studies revealing a third of welfare recipients use illegal drugs, taxpayers want to be ensure th…

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A Study on the Negative Effects of Drugs and Alcohol on Driving

Effects of drugs and alcohol on driving Alcohol and other drugs can not only harm oneself but also ones judgement which is critical while driving. If one’s judgement is severely affected, they won’t be as responsive to sounds, signals, signs and traffic laws as they normally would be. Disobeying these aspects of driving…

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An Analysis of the Equal Rights of Transgenders to Use Public Restrooms and Discrimination of the Third Sex

This article was written by the editorial board in the New York Times and is called, “Support Houston’s Equal Rights Ordinance”. It was published on November 2, 2015 on the New York Times website where I discovered it. The subject of this article includes how all citizens should feel respected and equal and how this equal…

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The Benefits of Putting a Pedestrian Lane for Fast Walkers

The title of this article is, “Taking Note: Pedestrian Fast Lanes. Why the Heck Not?” This article was published in the New York Times on the fourth of November in 2015. It was written by Lawrence Dowes. This article speaks on behalf of the new step taken by Liverpool in downtown to create a separate lane for fast walkers….

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An Overview of the Purpose and Goals of the Safe and Clean Neighborhoods Program

The “Safe and Clean Neighborhoods Program” was designed to better the lives of those who live in certain communities. This program meant that the state would provide money to support cities in having more cops on foot instead of being mobile. Mixed emotions aroused as a result. State officials felt it would be advantageous…

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An Analysis of the Justification of Social Hierarchies and Gender Relations in India and China Through Religion

How Religion Justified Social Hierarchies and Gender Relations in India and China China and India were both patriarchal societies, however, in India, women were treated with a bit more respect, and the rigid caste system within Hinduism allowed little to no mobility. While in China, women were inferior to men and used Conf…

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The Importance of Public Service in Sustaining a Society

Essay #1 Doctrine and Covenants 4:2 states, “Therefore, O ye that embark in the service of God, see that ye serve him with all your heart, might, mind and strength, that ye may stand blameless before God at the last day.” I believe that service plays a big part in creating harmony in a society, but in order to have that tr…

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An Examination of the Constable Michael Sanguinette Scandal and Slut Shaming

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the term “slut”? You would probably think of a woman who has a great amount of sex. Some people go as far as picturing a woman dressed in skimpy and revealing clothing that is “prostitute-like”. Slut is just one of the many derogatory terms used towards women all arou…

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The Issues of Political Corruption in Our Modern Society

Political Corruption in Today’s Society The issues that Lincoln Steffens, and many other reformers fought for, are still around today. There never was a solution found to end political corruption, and most still view politics in general as a business rather than anything else. Many politicians today still look for the pe…

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The Plight of Women’s Suffrage in the 19th and 20th Century

Iron Jawed Angels Essay Women fought a long, and difficult fight in order to gain the same privileges that males have. Despite their efforts, women today still aren’t as equal as we’d like to be. However, we wouldn’t be at the place we were now if it weren’t for the suffragettes of the late 19th century and early 20th c…

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