GBM 489 Week 2 DQs

This document of GBM 489 Week 2 Discussion Questions shows the solutions to the following problems:

DQ 1: Who would you invite to a meeting to discuss your organization’s global expansion objectives? Why would you invite each participant and what would be your selection criteria for each participant? How would you set up the agenda for the meeting? DQ 2: What ethical factors may affect the choice of countries in which to develop your organization? How might these factors affect your mode of entry into a country? If the target country has different ethical perspectives than your own ethical perspectives, how might these perspectives affect your expansion objectives and mode of entry decisions to enter this country?DQ 3: What are some issues and trends in global socio-cultural topics? Why must a company be sensitive to the socio-cultural environment within the host country? What impact does socio-cultural sensitivity have on a company’s operations or sales within a host country?