Gang Study

Gang Study

Background Information

Select one of the criminal gangs listed below and conduct research pertaining to the organization. 

Outline the history of the gang, their geographical location of operations, their primary criminal activities, their membership qualifications, any identifying marks, signs, patches, “colors” or tattoos they typically display and a description of the gang’s most notorious criminal act.  

Finally outline what steps, based on this week’s studies, you would take as a law enforcement official in the gang’s area of operation to control the gang you chose.

  • Bloods

  • Mara Salvatrucha (aka MS-13)

  • 18th Street Gang

  • Mongols

  • Nuestra Familia

  • Mexican Mafia

  • Sicilian Cosa Nostra (Mafia)

  • Aryan Brotherhood

  • The Latin Kings

  • Hells Angels

  • Crips

  • Pagans

  • Outlaws

  • Bandidos

  • White Power Skinhead 

  • Hammerskins 


This document should simulate a “gang file” as described in this week’s textbook chapters.  

This report must be at least 3 pages of written text.

The entire paper must be your original work.