Fundamentals of Databases

Q1: Consider the Bellow schema for a library database and write relational algebra expressions for the following queries 1. Author ( authorname, citizenship, birthyear) 2. Book(isbn, title, authorname) 3. Topic(isbn, subject) 4. Branch(libname, city) 5. Instock(isbn, libname, quantity) 1. Give all authors’ names born after 1940. 2. Give the names of libraries in Sydney. 3. Give the book name and cities where each book is held. 4. Give the title of each book on the topic of either alcohol or drugs. 5. Give the title and author of each book of which at least two copies are held in a branch located in Melbourne. Question Two Explain the distinctions among the terms primary key, candidate key, and super key. Question Three What are the drawbacks of using file system over database management system?