forensics A6a

Understanding how to locate and recover graphics files are imperative to the forensics evidence collection investigation.For your assignment submission, present the process of locating and recovering graphics files.  Include the following aspects in your essay:

  • Concepts of carving/salvaging graphics file fragments in both allocated and unallocated locations and the reconstruction of this graphics data.
  • The repairing and rebuilding of damaged graphics file headers.  
  • How steganography can be used to hide evidence within graphics files and how to successfully recover it.

Your completed assignment should be at least two (2) full double-spaced pages in length.  Proofread your completed essay to ensure proper spelling, grammar, capitalization, punctuation, and sentence structure.  Include at least one library or web reference in addition to your text and/or supplemental material provided that is presented in proper APA format that supports your submission.

Assignment Objectives:  Recover graphics file fragments. Repair graphics file headers. Discover hidden evidence within graphics files.