forensics A3

Developing a plan for a computer forensics lab first requires you to create a business case to present to upper management for approval.  As part of the approval process, you should include an overall budget, risk analysis of how the lab would minimize potential litigation, as well as discover and analyze attacks on the network (both from inside and outside of the building).  For your assignment submission, develop a plan for the development of a computer forensics lab for a medium sized business of 100 client computers that are networked to a server and connected to the Internet.  Include the justification for the building of a basic forensic workstation as well as the selection of computer forensics tools (both hardware and software).  Include the elements of acquisition, validation, reconstruction, and reporting, as well as the importance of using hardware and software write blockers.  This is just an overview and not an exhaustive analysis.  Your completed assignment should be at least two (2) FULL pages in length (1 inch margins, Times New Roman 12pt font, double-spaced).  Proofread your completed essay to ensure proper spelling, grammar, capitalization, punctuation, and sentence structure.  Include at least one library or web reference in addition to your text and/or supplemental material provided that is presented in proper APA format that supports your submission.  

 Assignment Objectives:  Justify the need for developing a computer forensics lab. Build a computer forensics workstation. Evaluate the computer forensics tools needed.