forensics A2

Determining the best acquisition method depends on the circumstances of the investigation.  Understanding each of the methods is important in determining the proper collection.  Also having a backup contingency plan in case of the initial data collection containing errors or failure is important as well.  This data collection is the foundation and reason behind the investigation.   Data can be collected using four methods as presented below.  For your assignment submission, provide a description (in your own words) of each of these four primary methods.  Also consider possible contaminants that could lead to needing a possible contingency plan should your primary method fail.

·       Creating a disk-to-image file

·       Creating a disk-to-disk copy

·       Creating a logical disk-to-disk or disk-to-data file

·       Creating a sparse copy of a folder or file. 

·       Contaminants / Contingency plan

Each of these five items should be at least 2 FULL paragraphs in length.  Proofread your completed essay to ensure proper spelling, grammar, capitalization, punctuation, and sentence structure.  Include at least one library or web reference in addition to your text and/or supplemental material provided that is presented in proper APA format that supports your submission. 

 Assignment Objectives:   Explain ways to determine the best acquisition method.  Prepare contingency planning for data acquisitions.  Describe how to validate data acquisitions.