Forecasting and Trends

***Partially Completed Already***

Please check the work that is already completed and make any changes needed (see attached).

Ensure that ALL 6 steps below are completed. 

The Income statement and balance sheet for Camelot Inc. are provided here.   Note that firm’s capital expenditures are expected to rise by $50,000 in the new year. This will lead to an increase of $5,000 in accumulated depreciation.  Sales next year should be $4.3M

1.  Using percentage of sales analysis techniques prepare a pro forma income statement and balance sheet  for the next year.

2. Create a chart of sales by year for all years, including your pro forma estimate.

3. Add a trend line.

4.  Create a scatter plot of sales vs. cogs.  Add a trend line.

5. Regress COGS against sales .

6. Using your sales trendline and annual sales data forecast the sales level in the next 3 years (3 years after the year with 4.3M in sales).  Forecast using the trend line as well as at least one of the following: trend, linest, regression.