Dear Excellent grades only,

There are 2 projects.

The topics are related with Federal Taxation.

1: is long term contract has to include ;completed contract method ,percentage of completion method

2: is section 1245 recapture.

Professor wants firstly define this term .You can get definitions from internet .Dont get long definition.

and just give an exampe about in real life.. Give examples about in real life, how people used those term in tax.

Write your own stories.

For example, your family or your friend had a long term contract, during the taxable year.What happened? etc. Use real numbers, show the calculations. Dont make it too long.

Each project must have 2 example from real life.

MAximum page for each at least 3, maximum 5.

and has to be before 1/27/2017 before 10 am please.