Focus on The C

  1. Define the Customer Experience, use examples.
  2. What is the difference between transactional customer satisfaction and customer loyalty? 
  3. Define the channels for listening to customers and define how technology has changed the channels of communication.
  4. Discuss the differences between the UK and the US and who owns the customer experience.  What approach do you find more meaningful and why?
  5. Review the sections on Customer Champions and identify the six pillars  that makes these companies champions for customers.  Use examples to illustrate your definition.
  6. Finally identify a company or business that is reviewed in the reading (one from the top 100 on page 39) and why you think it meets the six pillars and why it is a champion for customers.   Please use examples, definitions, references to other readings if they apply and critical thinking to illustrate your case for the business.   Integrate concepts from the leadership behaviors noted on page 36-38.