FIS 250 Week 5 DQ 2

This archive file of FIS 250 Week 5 Discussion Question 2 consists of:

1. Why would a person buy term life insurance? What would cause that person to buy whole life insurance instead of term life insurance? Which type of insurance have you bought or would buy and why?2. In this discussion you will role-play the parts of a prospective insured and of an independent insurance broker in a question and answer session. In response to this post, act as a prospective insured who is calling an insurance broker to ask a question about any of the following health insurance options:- hospital-surgical insurance- major medical insurance- health savings accounts- long-term care insurance- disability-income insurancePose an initial question that asks about the basic characteristics of the option, for example, “I’m thinking about using a health savings account. What can you tell me about them?”Find a classmate’s post and, acting as the insurance broker, provide an answer to his or her question. Continue posing and answering questions until you have learned about as many coverage options as possible.