Final Draft.

Please write your final draft for the article here. Remember: it should be a minimum of 1,000 words and have in-text citations/a Works Cited page in MLA format. Any final draft not meeting the minimum length requirement will receive a 0.

the uploaded files will help you.

this is my professor feedback for the claim:

This is a great start, in that you seem to have a strong understanding of why you agree so much with Mincy— but now we need to figure out what you can add. My suggestion would be to look through all of the places he talks about being free, or uses the word freedom, and show them to your reader. Then, spend some time interpreting for them- what can they learn from those moments? Why should they learn it? How will it benefit them?

this is my professor feedback for the proposal:

you’re off to a great start with this- I particularly like that you’re already maintaining a conversation with the author, and continually working in response to his arguments. You don’t just tell us what you think, but you show us what Mincy thinks and then explain why it doesn’t work that way in your mind.

Your next challenge will be to continue to find ways where he may even contradict himself, as well as opportunities to discuss how taking on your understanding of freedom rather than Mincy’s limited one would be more beneficial to the audience!