Euthanasia and Physician Assisted Suicide

Policy Recommendation Guidelines*

What is a policy


A policy recommendation is a brief document submitted to a body or individual that has the authority to make a policy decision. Examples of such entities include city councils, state legislators, or leadership of organizations such as the FDA or DHHS. The purpose of a policy recommendation is to suggest a specific policy change or recommendation that a policy remain the same. These recommendations inform the policy decisions made by policy makers. They are strongest when they are clearly written, thorough, well-supported, provide accurate information, and consider the economic and political environment. For the purpose of this course, an ethical argument is also essential for a quality policy recommendation.

 The structure of the policy must begin with a summary and

description of the case and ethical issue. The document must follow the following structure:

a.    Overview and summary of case and ethical issue (euthanasia and Physcial Assisted Suicide) (should be 2 paragraphs the first one with an over view and summary of euthanasia and physcian assisted suicide and the second one with an overview of the ethical issue and why it is an ethical issue)

b.     Background information on magnitude and scope of issue

c.     Related current/past policy(ies)

d.     Application of ethical theories and major moral principles that inform your drafted policy

                                               i.     Justification of the chosen theories and principles

                                            ii.     Application of the theories and principles (Please use the theories i sent you in the email and discuss how each one applies to this ethical issue)

                                          iii.     Discussion of alternative positions or viewpoints

(Here you can discuss any viewpoints that are against euthanasia and physcian assisted suicide for example, religion or another theory that may be against it.)

                                            iv.     Clear resolution/policy recommendation based on application of theories,  principles, and past research

e.     Overall conclusion

 Please only do the ones that are bolded. Also make sure you are using some peer reviewed sources please.