ETHC445 Week 6 Quiz 2017/ETHC445 Week 6 Quiz 2017

QuestionQuestion 1.1. A decision by the commanding officer (CO) to follow rules and procedures in this situation would be what kind of ethics? (Points : 6)Objectivist ethics of self-interestDeontologicalA deficiency of the virtue of courageCare-basedSelf-interestQuestion 2.2. Which of the three primary schools of ethics is operating when the commanding officer (CO) decides for medical evacuation of the injured sailor in order to aid the most possible? (Points : 6)Care basedEnds basedVirtue basedSelf-interestConscience drivenQuestion 3.3. If the CO had been influenced by studying Thomas Aquinas, his decision making would be influenced by what factor? (Points : 6)His conscienceHis strength of personalityHis desire to succeed through successful outcomesHis repentanceHis leadership skillsQuestion 4.4.What virtue is not shown if the CO shows unwillingness to contact the carrier air group commander about the welfare of his sailor because of fear?(Points : 6)ProcrastinationSelfishnessThe virtue of courageWisdomModerationQuestion 5.5. For the CO to make a decision in accordance with the categorical imperative indicates that he has been reading what ethicist? (Points : 6)AristotleJeremy BenthamImmanuel KantJohn LockeSt. AugustineQuestion 6.6. A voice in one’s head telling one what the right thing to do is (Points : 6)Aristotle’s Virtues of the Mean.An act of conscience.Calculated acceptance of unavoidable consequences.Being driven by personal self-interest and ambition.Ends-based thinking of the Three Primary Schools of EthicsQuestion 7.7. To ask, “What is the best possible outcome for my whole ship” is to apply what kind of ethics? (Points : 6)Social contractUtilitarianismDeontological ethicsBeing caught in a dilemmaEthics of the meanQuestion 8.8. To think, “What can this do for my reputation when I come up for selection as admiral,” is an example of what kind of ethics? (Points : 6)Immanuel Kant’s categorical imperative.John Locke’s social contract.Ayn Rand’s objectivism.Augustine’s doctrine of sin.A social contract with the crew.Question 9.9. To speculate about “what would the crew want to happen now” engages the CO in what ethics? (Points : 6)Utilitarian ethicsThe virtue of compassionKant’s categorical imperative, second formulationConcern for his vulnerability to sinDeontological ethicsQuestion 10.10. If the CO were to take a care-based approach to this emergency situation, what would he do? (Points : 6)He would try to sympathize with the sailor and feel his pain.He would try to figure out what he would want if he were the sailor and had suffered the injury.He would contact the injured sailor’s family at home.He would follow the published instructions for this kind of emergencyHe would get the carrier air group commander to send the helicopter, even after dark.