essay outline and research essay topics

Read Sophocles’ Antigone

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Start research your essay topics! Google! Search the ELAC library databases for articles in academic journals!

As I stressed in class, don’t delay getting started on the research. In fact, this is the week you should be focused on using your research to lead you to a thesis or support a thesis once you’ve found one.

a typed page that includes:

  1. your thesis on the topic you have chosen to write about,
  2. an outline or paragraph in which you provide specifics about how you plan to develop that thesis in the “body” section of your essay, and
  3. a list of the books, articles, Web sites etc. that you have looked at so far as part of the research phrase of this essay assignment.

ELAC Library Databases (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

Click “Find Articles” in the left-hand column. A quick review of the data bases has convinced me that your best bets are JSTOR and EBSCO. For example, when I put the search terms




into EBSCO, it spit back 28 items. When I put the same term into JSTOR, it spit back 1,111 items! Similarly, when I replaced “political” with “gender,” EBSCO gave me 9 items and JSTOR gave me 282.