Essay Leader-Followers Relationships Maya Angelou

Leader-Follower Relationships

The next contribution to the research paper focuses on the leader’s relationships with his or her team. In a 500-word essay, examine the relationships your selected leader has with his or her followers. Describe their goals and values, and discuss their group dynamics. Be sure to include specific examples for how your selected leader and his or her followers communicate and interact with each other. Do the followers influence the leader, and if so, how?

Lastly, analyze the leader’s behaviors within the group dynamics to identify if the behaviors lead to any clues about the leader’s potential mental models as he or she interacted with the group.

Explain. Use at least one source with an example from the library to support your rationale. ORG 5100, Leadership Theory and Practice 5 Remember to apply APA style to the essay, add it to the assignment you completed in Unit V, save all of your work in one document, and submit it for grading in Blackboard. Information about accessing the grading rubric for this assignment is provided below.