“Gift of the Magi”

Choose the best multiple-choice answers for the following questions about the short story “Gift of the Magi.”

7. What is ironic about “The Gift of the Magi”?

Della thinks she looks like a Coney Island chorus girl with her short hair.

Della and Jim sacrifice greatly in order to buy gifts that can’t be used.

Della goes to get her hair cut and receives as much as Jim earns in a week.

Jim’s paycheck has been reduced to twenty dollars a week, rather than thirty dollars a week.

8. Which of the following pieces of advice would be a good theme statement for “The Gift of the Magi”?

Treasure the love you receive above all. It will survive long after your gold and good health have vanished. – Og Mandino

Don’t be afraid to take big steps. You can’t cross a chasm in two small jumps. – David Lloyd George

Don’t carry a grudge. While you’re carrying the grudge the other’s guy’s out dancing. – Buddy Hackett

Always be a little kinder than necessary. – James M. Barrie

9. According to O. Henry, who are the wisest gift givers?

Those who are willing to sacrifice for a loved one.

Those who find out what a loved one wants before shopping.

Those who secretly give gifts to the ones they love.

Those who budget and spend their money cautiously.

10. Which of the following would O. Henry say is the most valuable possession?





11. What does O. Henry mean when he says that people like Jim and Della “are the magi”?

They dress up like the magi in Christmas pageants.

They find joy in traveling – searching for their dreams.

They are wise because their lives are guided by love.

They have read a lot about the magi and the East.

“Through the Tunnel”

Choose the best multiple-choice answers for the following questions about the short story “Through the Tunnel.”

12. In “Through the Tunnel,” how does Jerry change throughout the course of the story?

He is full of self-doubt until he teaches himself to swim and gains confidence in his abilities.

He matures from a frustrated little boy to a confident young man.

He begins his vacation believing in himself and leaves frustrated because of his weaknesses.

He is shy when he first meets the older boys; later, he is bold when he encounters them again.

13. What is a valid theme statement for “Through the Tunnel”?

There comes a time in a young person’s life when he/she wishes to enter the adult world.

It’s important for young people to take time to get away from their busy routines and just relax.

Everyone should take time to study and enjoy the beauties of nature.

Without parental supervision, a young person can get into a lot of trouble.

14. Which point of view is used in “Through the Tunnel”?

first person

third person objective

third person limited

third person omniscient

15. Which of the following is not a conflict Jerry faces in “Through the Tunnel”?

The internal conflict of wanting to assert independence.

The internal conflict of overcoming fear of the unknown.

The external conflict of underwater dangers.

The external conflict of extreme peer pressure.

“Raymond’s Run”

Choose the best multiple-choice answers for the following questions about the short story “Raymond’s Run.”

16. Why does Toni Cade Bambara call her story “Raymond’s Run”?

The story centers around how people in Hazel’s town try to run Raymond’s life.

In the story, Raymond is able to enter the twenty-yard dash in the May Day races and almost wins.

Hazel’s sudden insight that Raymond is a good runner is a highlight of the story.

The title is symbolic because Raymond runs his sister’s life by taking up all her free time.

17. In which of the following situations would Hazel feel most comfortable?

entering her smile in a photo contest

dancing around a May pole in a white dress

hugging her brother Raymond in public

playing the part of a wolf in a school

18. Which of the following statements is the best theme of the story?

Exercise your imagination frequently.

Avoid conflict with others at all costs.

Don’t be overly confident in yourself.

Be honest and worthy of respect.

19. Which of the following is something that bothers Hazel?

showing off



fist fights

20. From what we can gather, how does Raymond feel about his sister?

He is frustrated by her constant attentiveness.

He admires her and wants to be like her.

He feels that she neglects and avoids him.

He is indifferent towards her.

21. How does Hazel show her love for her brother Raymond in the story?

constantly watching out for his well-being

telling him “I love you” every day

coaching him every day in his running

entering him in the May Day races

22. Which two words best describe Hazel Parker (Squeaky)?

neglectful and idle

timid and patient

nonjudgemental and shy

genuine and confident

23. Why is Hazel jumping up and down after the race?

She can’t wait to get another ribbon to add to her collection.

She is extremely excited that she beat Gretchen P. Lewis.

She realizes that with practice she could enter the Olympics.

She is excited to see Raymond and can’t wait to coach him.

“Magic and the Night River”

Choose the best multiple-choice answers for the following questions about the short story “Magic and the Night River.”

24. What is the significance of the title “Magic and the Night River”?

Yoshi and his grandfather entertain tourists with magic tricks.

Kano’s cormorants magically come back to him after being let free.

The fishermen are able to light lamps on the water as if by magic.

Yoshi’s grandfather’s cormorants are “tied” to him as if by magic.

25. What does Yoshi see as “another kind of magic” in the last paragraph?

He grows stronger while his grandfather grows weaker.

Kano is going to let them continue to rent the boat.

His grandfather will be able to train eight new birds.

His grandfather knows each bird by name.

26. By the end of the story, how does Kano feel about Yoshi’s grandfather?

He is disappointed that he didn’t catch more fish.

He wants to take fishing lessons from him.

He decides that he is too old to fish on his boat.

He has gained respect for this gentle fisherman.

27. What are Yoshi’s feelings about his grandfather?

He thinks he is the greatest master fisherman.

He wishes he would stand up to Kano.

He is sad that they don’t communicate very well.

He wishes he were younger and quicker.

28. What does Yoshi think will happen in the future?

He and his grandfather will set up a tourist attraction.

He and his grandfather will continue fishing with many birds.

He and his grandfather will buy all Kano’s boats.

He and his grandfather will look for another boat to rent.

29. What happens out on the water that amazes Yoshi and his grandfather the most?

Kano lets his birds fly away.

Yoshi is able to untangle the cords.

They catch more fish than Kano.

The freed birds come back to their boat.

30. What unexpected conflict arises out on the water?

Yoshi’s grandfather loses all his cormorants.

Yoshi almost drowns after losing his balance and falling in the water.

Yoshi’s and his grandfather’s cords get tangled with another boat’s.

Kano begins yelling across the water at Yoshi’s grandfather.

31. Matching. Match the following terms with their appropriate meanings. Look for familiar word parts to decode the meanings of each word.

1.against name (or a word of opposite meaning)

2.a false name

3.the outer layer of skin

4.of or relating to a father

5.love or enthusiasm for something that is new






Short Story Elements.

Multiple choice. Choose the correct response in the following questions and statements about short story elements.

32. The process of bringing a character to life in a story is called

character dialogue

character analysis


character motive

33. Which point of view is being used if the narrator (outside the story) relates the thoughts and feelings of only one character in a story?

third person limited

third person objective

first person

third person omniscient

34. The setting in a story is the time and place of the story’s action.



35. What are the two main types of conflict a main character might encounter in a story?

rising and falling

exposition and resolution

natural and unnatural

internal and external

36. Which of the following statements about theme is false?

Theme is the basic message an author is trying to portray in a story.

We usually have to infer the author’s central idea from the story.

There can be more than one theme in a piece of literature.

The author usually tells us the theme at the end of the story.