Discuss a Grimms’ fairy tale

Topic: Discuss a Grimms’ fairy tale we have not discussed in class and describe how it is different from the original French or Italian version. Questions to consider are:

What aspects did the Grimms emphasize?

What aspects are deemphasized?

How is the Grimms’ tale different from the literary fairy tale we read earlier?

What is the effect of the rewriting the Grimms’ introduced?

If you want, compare this tale to a tale by Grimms’ competitor Schönwerth and talk about how the Grimms differ from him.

Use one of the approaches we have studied in class (morphological, folkloristic, psychological, cross-cultural) and apply it to the various versions of your tale.

Avoid regurgitating what we said in class. Push the topic/your argument further.

Use a tale from the Great Fairy Tale Tradition OR find a Grimm tale and its earlier versions on your own.

Title: Find a descriptive title for your paper.

Length: 3-5 pages with a concise thesis!