Devry HRM320 Week 4 Quiz

1. Question : TCO 1: John comes into the school’s office and sees Betty at the front desk. She’s the receptionist, but John doesn’t know what her job is. John asks Betty if she can register him for classes and provide some financial aid information. Betty says, “sure,” though Betty is not authorized to do these things. Betty registers John for the classes he requests & hands him a financial aid package. What type of authority does Betty display?

actual authority

apparent authority

implied authority

expert authority

Question 2. Question : TCO 1: If Dereck Jeter decided to switch baseball teams from the Yankees to the Mets, the Yankees’ best remedy would be

specific performance



money damages

Question 3. Question : TCO 1: An agreement not to go to work for your employer’s competitor is called a:

Noncompete Agreement.

Unemployment Agreement.

Collective Bargaining Agreement.

Planned Agreement.

Question 4. Question : TCO 1: The number of states that have adopted the Model Employment Termination Act is:

All 50.




Question 5. Question : TCO 1: In determining whether a worker is an employee or an independent contractor, which of the following factors would a court consider?


Control over the time and the manner of doing the work.

Payment of business expenses and providing of tools.

All of the above.

Question 6. Question : TCO 9: The Drug-Free Workplace Act of 1988 applies to:

all private employers.

all state government employers.

certain federal government contractors.

all public school systems.

Question 7. Question : TCO 9: An employer’s ability to subject an employee to a polygraph test is limited by what law?

The Employer Polygraph Act.

The Employee Polygraph Protection Act.

Title VII.


Question 8. Question : TCO 4: Which law requires employers to obtain permission before hiring a third party to conduct a back ground check of an applicant?

Fair Credit Reporting Act.

Title VII.

Fair Employment Act.

Equal Pay Act.

Instructor Explanation: text p. 113

Question 9. Question : TCO 4: Employees of the federal government have their privacy rights protected by the:

Privacy Act of 1974.

Title VII.

State law.

Federal Employees Act.

Instructor Explanation: text p. 112

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Question 10. Question : TCO 4: When an employee’s work environment becomes so intolerable that the employee has no choice but to resign, the employee’s job loss is referred to as:

Constructive discharge.


Wrongful firing.

Hostile discharge.