Describe and/or create a peer-run mediation program for FIU

  1. Find a case of face-saving on television (House of Cards and Game of Thrones have exemplar examples). What frame is applied to the incident? How do the characters attempt to save-face? Are their efforts productive? What would you do in their place?
  2. Think of a negative and oppressive place. What is the climate? How could you change the climate so it is more productive? Optimism is certainly a choice, but often doesn’t impact, what other, more realistic responses change climates?
  3. Name a recent event in which someone or some group was seriously wronged or harmed by another and they expressed forgiveness publicly. What made the expression of forgiving possible? What procedures or practices discussed in Chp 8 would be most effective in handing the conflict?
  4. Describe and/or create a peer-run mediation program for FIU. Discuss how such a student service program could help assist with conflicts that arise in dorm rooms, student organizations, or class projects.  How does mediation of a conflict aid in conflict resolution?