define (operationalize) the term juvenile

In this assignment, the goal will be to analyze the patterns and trends within juvenile offenses.

1. Be sure to define (operationalize) the term juvenile and the purpose of the scholarly activity. This may differ depending upon how you choose to conduct your analysis.

2. You will then evaluate the data based on the steps provided in the attached document. Be sure to identify multiple trends of offenses among juveniles by altering the parameters (variables) used in the analysis. As with adult crime, juvenile offenses are best measured through the use of three types (or sources) of information: official data, victim data, and self-report data.

3. Write at least two paragraphs that make a comparison that you have chosen for the analysis (e.g., one specific type of offense, trends for male versus female, etc.).

4. Write a paragraph that describes

a) the most recent arrest numbers compared to five years ago and 20 years ago,

b) the rate of delinquency (rate is different from raw numbers and must be calculated), and

c) the general trend of delinquency (for your chosen subgroup) beginning around 1990 until present.

5. Include a graphic that compares at least two sets of data.

6. Write a thorough summary that includes the premise, importance to the course and/or field, and how the information will be applied.

The scholarly activity should be a minimum of two pages completely full pages, not including the title and reference pages. You must use a minimum of three sources, which should be properly cited. All references should be formatted in APA style. A good start would be in the ProQuest Criminal Justice database.