Define on-screen and offscreen space.

For this week’s assignment please watch one of the following films: City of God (2002). After viewing the film answer the questions listed below.  Answers need to be complete and comprehensive, demonstrating that you paid attention to the film and thought about what was shown on the screen.  You may use more than one paragraph if necessary to answer each question.  Be sure to use terms from this week’s lectures and readings, as well as previous weeks if it’s applicable.  All responses should be numbered,  in complete sentences and use proper spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

  1. Name and briefly discuss each of the major elements of cinematic design -setting, set design, costumes, props, make-up, hair- in the film.  Give specific examples that you saw of each while watching the film.  What effect did these choices have on your viewing experience?  Were they successful or unsuccessful choices?
  2. Define on-screen and offscreen space.  Give an example of the use of each in the film.
  3. Define kinesis.  Pick a specific scene from the film and briefly discuss the use of kinesis in this scene.  Was it effective or ineffective?  Why?