datamining assignment

Research on the one data mining method covered in chapters 10, 12, 13 or 14 in your data mining course that has been assigned to you. Do this research in the context of industry sector and related records that have been indicated in Table 1. If you are a graduate student, identify at least two peer reviewed, scholarly journal articles that describe how your chosen method of data mining has been used in your chosen industry sector to study the records that you are researching about. Each team member will summarize at least two scholarly journal articles (only one scholarly journal article, if you are an undergraduate student) related to his or her group’s research topic. Higher education related entities that you will study could be universities, business schools, community colleges, students, professors and the like. In light of the review of journal articles, the team will identify at least five variables appropriate for their chosen data mining technique that can be useful in the industry. I need one research report from each team. The first part of the research report will be the summary of the articles, identified by individual summarizer’s name, and the second part of the research report will be about the data mining application idea that the team will generate collectively. The research report should not exceed 2000 words, excluding references. Full references must be provided for the journal articles so that others can retrieve those articles from Bell Library databases. The research paper is worth 200 points


Gómez-Rey, P., Fernández-Navarro, F., & Barberà, E. (2016). Ordinal regression by a gravitational model in the field of educational data mining. Expert Systems, 33(2), 161-175. doi:10.1111/exsy.12138