Critical Thinking in Criminal Justice There is only one part to this assignment Assignment # 8 Research Juvenile Justice: Define the following: Juvenile Justice Delinquency & Prevention Act: Juvenile Justice: Due Process for Juveniles: Delinquency: Status Offense: Truancy: Adjudication: Watch the following You Tube Videos: “Criminal Court VS Juvenile Court – Difference Between Criminal Court And Juvenile Court” “The Difference Between Juvenile and Adult Crimes Explained” “America’s Juvenile Injustice System | Marsha Levick | TEDxPhiladelphia” “Why are we trying kids as adults? | Michele Deitch | TEDxAmherstCollege” Visit: (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. Answer the following questions: 8.1: : What are the benefits of a juvenile system? 8.2: Should all juvenile be tried as juveniles or should be able to try them as adults? 8.3: Should juveniles be sentenced to death? Why, why not? 8.4: Research the Supreme Court’s ruling on juveniles receiving life sentences. What did the court say? Do you agree with this or not? 8.5 Should youths in juvenile court proceedings be granted the same due-process protections as adults in criminal trials? Why or why not? 8.6: What do you think are the pros and cons of institutional programs for juveniles? You should name pros that relate to punishment and deterrence, and cons that relate to inhumane treatment within institutions, as well as the problems that relate to the stigma of incarceration.