Create an HR Strategic Plan


  • Explain the importance of a strategy-oriented HR system
  • Outline the steps in the strategic management process
  • Explain the steps in the HR Scorecard approach to creating HR systems

Assignment Overview

This assignment identifies the relationship between an organization s strategic plan and the HR strategic plan.


  • A two- to three-page (500- to 750-word) paper, double-spaced with 12 point Arial font

  Step 1 Read through the following scenario.

Consider a medium-sized IT organization that faces intense competition. Two of the organization s goals derived from its strategic plan are as follows:

  • To increase the sales of the company software products
  • To hire 50 more workers during the calendar year

Step 2 Examine the two strategic goals.

Determine if the goals are directly or indirectly linked to HR functions. Create a draft HR strategic plan using the steps outlined in the text and the organization s strategic goals. Include the HR strategy in the plan. Include a description of how creating the HR strategic plan enables the organization to achieve its mission and strategic goals.