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xxxxx comment 1

xxxxx, I believe America only sees left/right, liberal/conservative, one’s race/others’ race, one’s religion/others’ religion, etc. To be fair, there are important issues that we do face but the media has pulled both further from the center. This is done to keep us preoccupied in conflict so we ignore what is being done in front of our faces, which is politicians/media/wealthy elites are controlling the government/financial system/media to mold the public’s views and what they buy. By them focusing on these secondary issues and differences, we are missing the root problem: money in politics. These legal bribes guarantee that we are not represented in legislation unless enough people oppose the current law.

Comment 2

   Nicely said, it is amazing how money can be used to basically buy anything in the world, even our politicians.  The Presidency, our Senators and Congressman, Governors, Mayor’s and more.  This allows for things like the rich getting richer and the poor or course getting poorer.  It almost seems like there is no middle class anymore.  Money plays a huge role in everyday life.  Don’t get me wrong, money and politicians has definitely been used in some cases for the good or doing the right thing. We cannot base everything evil or not perfect on money.  We just have to be more responsible.