CHE101 Lab Report & Lab

I need two assignments completed. This one posted & The other is on “Late Nite Labs Pro”. 

CHE101 – Laboratory Report




The title comes from the experiment.


This section consists of 1 or 2 sentences that describe the goals and benefits of the experiment. Students should use complete sentences. You can find this by reading the “Background” information in LateNite labs. Do not copy and paste any portion of the description.


Provide a cookbook version of the procedure. I should be able to see what steps you took to complete the lab. You can find this in the “procedure” section of LateNite labs. DO NOT copy and paste it. You need to write it in your own words

Data: This includes all observations and questions posed to you

It is important to include all the data from the experiment in your lab report. Data and calculations are best organized and presented in tables. Copy and paste the “Short answer” portion of the lab here. This has all of the tables, questions, and areas for calculations.


Your conclusion should include the following:

What did you learn from this experiment? Base your conclusions on experimental observations.

A proper conclusion connects the experiment (data, observations, and calculations) results back to key principle(s) stated in the background section. This should be a paragraph.