CGD 318 Week 1 Quiz

This pack of CGD 318 Week 1 Quiz includes answers to the next questions:

1. When steps are taken to repair damage from the crisis and to prevent it from happening again, it is what type of strategy?2. According to the text, clients often criticize public relations firms for all of the following EXCEPT:3. What is not a contingency factor that public relations professionals must take into account in managing a conflict with its public?4. Environmental activist John Muir used public relations tactics to:5. When organizational policy requires that line managers at least listen to appropriate staff experts before deciding on a strategy it is referred to as:6. Many practitioners self-select technician roles because they:7. Which is a factor in fueling the trend toward integrated communication approach in public relations?8. In issues management, if the company decides the emerging issue is potentially damaging, what is the next step?9. The major effort to improve standards and professionalism in public relations worldwide is:10. Grunig