Wireless Vulnerability Research IoT

Google Home Voice controller. 

Find an article about a wireless breach of an IoT item. Summarize the article and do additional research on the following: 

1. Summarize the article & attack type

2. Has the vulnerability been fixed?

3. Does the vulnerability exist in other IoT items?

4. What are the implications for society & security professionals?

5. How could you use the vulnerability to perform an attack?

6. How serious could the result be and what impact might it have?

7. Give your best opinion on the vulnerabilities of the IoT and how they will impact society & security professionals in the future.


Powerpoint Presentation: At least 8 Slides using the about outline.

At least three references.

APA Reference on Final Slide

Possible Resource:

Each slide 3$ . 3×8 =24$ if you would like to do it let me know. 

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