Case Study for a Telecommunications Class

Northridge Security Consultants, a security consulting company that specializes in network security for businesses, has been using you as an outside contractor to provide research and customer service for their clients.

A landscaping business, Sunset Landscapers , has contracted with NSC to help them implement cryptography to protect all documents and transmissions throughout their network. They have over twenty locations nationwide. NSC has found that even though the company would like this technology, the IT Director is resistant to any significant changes. Create a document that can be presented to the company directors explaining cryptography, including hashing, symmetric and asymmetric cryptography, digital signatures, digital certificates, and PKI. 

After meeting with you and reading your report, the IT Director at Sunset Landscapers indicates that he is considering using Microsoft BitLocker software but is unsure if it will provide sufficient security. Northridge has asked you to create a document that outlines the advantage and disadvantages of Microsoft BitLocker. How it is implemented and what the alternatives are in providing security? 4 Pages.