Business Strategy and Information Systems

I have attached the questions in two files 

Deliverables (please edit document and type in answers)

Name: Hassan Alnakhli

1. Is your product being marketed as “an information system”? If so, is that really true?  Why or why not?

2. How were the five components of an information system identifiable in the sales literature, and what did the literature say about each of these components (enter “N/A” on missing items)? 

Hardware –

Software –

Data –

Procedures –

People –

3. How does your product do the following?

·        Enhance existing products

·        Differentiate itself from other products

·        Lock in customers

·        Raise barriers to market entry

·        Increase profit margins by decreasing costs and decreasing errors

4. Which of the four quadrants identified by Porter in his four competitive strategies best describes your case and why?





5. Try to imagine how the manager of a company, that is considering whether or not to purchase your product, would react to your literature. In roughly two paragraphs, summarize the answers you decided on from questions #3 and #4 with this perspective in mind, focusing on the advantages and disadvantages of the system.