BUS402 Week 8 Quiz Latest 2017 (Score 100%)

Question 12 out of 2 pointsWhen a small business is refused a loan because it is not profitable and deemed a poor credit risk, the owner can usually turn to ________ as a source of short-term funds.Question 22 out of 2 pointsThe SBA’s ________ program offers short-term capital to growing companies seeking to finance seasonal buildups in inventory or accounts receivable.Question 32 out of 2 pointsThe ________ loan is based not on creditworthiness, but on the borrower’s reputation and Question 42 out of 2 pointsSBICs:Question 52 out of 2 pointsThe most common form of secured credit is:Question 62 out of 2 pointsInsurance companies typically make two types of loans:Question 72 out of 2 pointsThe most common method used by commercial finance companies to provide credit to small businesses is:Question 82 out of 2 pointsA ________ is an agreement with a bank that allows a small business to borrow up to a predetermined specified amount during the year without making an application each time.Question 92 out of 2 pointsTypically, a minimum loan amount from a Savings & Loan is:Question 102 out of 2 pointsThe most common method of SBIC financing is the:Question 112 out of 2 pointsSavings and loan associations typically specialize in loans for:Question 122 out of 2 points________ were created by the SBA in 1992 to provide loans under $35,000 that are normally shunned by banks.Question 132 out of 2 pointsA loan from a stockbroker, based on the stocks and bonds in the customer’s portfolio:Question 142 out of 2 pointsAsset-based borrowing permits small businesses:Question 152 out of 2 pointsA(n) ________ is a private nonprofit financial institution that will make small loans to its members for the purpose of starting a business.Question 162 out of 2 pointsThe Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 requires that:Question 172 out of 2 pointsThe value of the floor space in a retail store depends upon:Question 182 out of 2 pointsThe manufacturing layout that groups workers and equipment according to the general function performed, and that works best with short production runs or when there are considerable variations in the finished product, is called:Question 192 out of 2 pointsA(n) ________ layout divides a store into a series of individual shopping areas, each with its own theme. This layout can create a distinctive image for a business.Question 202 out of 2 pointsGenerally speaking, the one location that most small businesses have difficulty surviving in and therefore should avoid is:Question 212 out of 2 pointsApproximately ________ of a store’s customers will go more than halfway into the store.Question 222 out of 2 pointsA(n) ________ layout arranges displays in a rectangular fashion with parallel aisle. It is a formal layout that controls the traffic flow through the store.Question 232 out of 2 pointsA(n) ________ layout has the advantage of creating a relaxed, friendly shopping atmosphere encouraging shoppers to linger and increasing the number of impulse purchases.Question 242 out of 2 pointsThe manufacturing layout that arranges workers and equipment according to sequence of operation and is best suited for highly standardized or mass-produced products is called:Question 252 out of 2 pointsThe area from which a small business expects to draw customers over a reasonable time span is its:Question 262 out of 2 pointsAn interstate trucking firm would be most concerned with which selection criterion at the state level?Question 272 out of 2 pointsIncubator facilities are established in order to:Question 282 out of 2 pointsA major factor that could increase the wage rate in an area would be:Unions Question 292 out of 2 pointsThe ________ serves a large trading area (10 to 15 miles or more), contains from 50 to 100 stores, and has several major department stores as its anchors.Question 302 out of 2 pointsSome cities develop ________ in cooperation with private industry for the benefit of manufacturers.