BUS 446 Week 2 Quiz

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1. Is required to design a generalized production schedule.2. _____ means that there is no good forecast for the probabilities of demand and/or lead-time distributions.3. Backordered work is shown as4. _____ is achieved by collecting and lumping information about all items to be produced together. These items require common production materials and facilities.5. An appropriate inventory cost analysis must be used to6. The fundamental theorem of linear programming (LP) can best be described as7. When there is a large amount of demand fluctuation, a variable workforce capability is appealing but there are offsetting costs, which include the areas of:8. Processing costs that are associated with running the inventory system are referred to as _____ costs.9. The importance of being on time with project completions has led to the development of10. How many distinct levels are found in the production planning process?