Black Baptist Church Visit/Reflection

 Read A Theology of African American Worship, How Music, Preaching and Prayer Shape Contemporary African American Worship, Becoming Baptist, How Can You Recognize A Child of God and Ain’t Gwine Lay My ‘Ligion Down prior to church visitation. It is very important that you read the articles first! They will serve as guides for your observations.

II.            Omega Baptist Church []. Visit the websites for precise information on times of worship. Both may also provide transportation if you do not have access to it. Call the church office to ask.

III.           Take notes during the service.  Try to find that delicate balance of being both a participant and observer. Try to observe with fresh eyes rather than go through the motion. (Reminder: this is NOT a mass!]

IV.            Collect material from the church: bulletin, liturgy program, photos of space etc.

V.          Take pictures of the inside, outside of church; include a selfie.

VI.              Reflect upon your experience and observations in a 4 page, double-spaced, 12 pt paper.

VII.            Critical: Draw connections between material in the book and your own observations and experiences. CITE page and paragraph in your reflection.  Ex. (McKinney, page 15, 3rd paragraph)

JUNE 4, i went to Omega Baptist Church as a visitor. First thing describe the physical setting of the church, write feelings. Then I update picture, they Sing Songs. describe it and write about feeling. Then describe the “Pastor Daryl Ward Mark 5:21-43(NKJV)” I update it already. Write feelings. Using first person to write and write more feelings. Reflection