bearing walls. Wall loadings are anticipated to be 4000 pounds per lineal foot.

I need you to write the report for a client, I need you to assume the location with clay soil like “Florida”. there are 5 boreholes I need you to determine their locations by assuming type of bearing wall building. assume blow count, bearing capacity, size of footing( and whether there are building around ur location and would the footing effect there or ur building) if after site investigation the soil has bed rock? volcanic rock is it good location for retaining wall?. try to explain ur client types of problems in the location like drainage ( attache google earth location) everything is assumption about ur knowlagde of how could you build retaining wall with 4000lb. I attached the boreholes file there are 5 showing types of soil in the site. please try to assume those things also I attached exaple of how to calculate bearing capacity and allowable bearing capacity with factor safety of 3 show an example of calculation please 

i attached example of lab report if you could follow it please without appendix C