BAM402 Unit 4 Exam (Score 100%)

1) At the start of the 21st century, the use of mass marketing is ________.A) holding steadyB) considered the new wave of the futureC) decliningD) increasing at a rapid paceE) None of the above.2) An indication that consumer-focused marketing is influencing public relations is ________.A) the growing number of mergers of advertising and public relations agenciesB) the decline in the growth of public relationsC) the increasing sophistication of marketing public relationsD) A and BE) A and C3) Which of the following is not one of Robert Lauterborn’s four C’s of IMC?A) convenience to buyB) consumer wants and needsC) consumer’s costD) consumer commitmentE) communication4) An IMC audit ________.A) evaluates an organization’s customer databasesB) analyzes the communications network used in marketingC) identifies and prioritizes key stakeholder groupsD) All of the above.E) None of the above.5) An information-bearing experience that a customer or prospect has with a product, service, or the market that relates to that product or service is known as a ________.A) saleB) messageC) double jeopardyD) contact6) Revlon’s use of Grammy-award winner Sheryl Crow as a spokesperson for a new line of products was an example of ________.A) targeted advertisingB) convergence of mediaC) database marketingD) glamour marketingE) marketing public relations7) Database marketing in the European Union ________.A) is in an unsafe harborB) is less restricted than in the United StatesC) is illegalD) is called “relationship marketing”E) is more restricted than in the United States8) Umbro was surprised when it discovered that its new running show was named after ________.A) a mythical sexual predatorB) the poison gas used in Nazi concentration campsC) the devilD) a variety of aardvarkE) a body part9) The Campaign for Real Beauty ________.A) used advertising as a tacticB) used viral video as a tacticC) was based on a global survey of 10,000 womenD) A and BE) All of the above.10) If the world were a village of 100 people, ________.A) 50 would own a computerB) 11 would be over the age of 79C) 9 would speak EnglishD) 2 would live in substandard housingE) 3 would have no electricity 11) According to Hofstede’s cultural dimensions, ________ measures how well a society tolerates ambiguity.A) long-term orientationB) individualism versus collectivismC) masculinity versus femininityD) power distanceE) uncertainty avoidance12) Some have expressed concern that U.S. influence is being exerted globally because of U.S. dominance of ________.A) the OlympicsB) television programmingC) the moviesD) popular musicE) the Internet13) Which of the follow is/are true?A) All Swiss are punctual.B) All Japanese are polite.C) All baby boomers like the Beatles.D) All of the above.E) None of the above.14) The final step in the cross-cultural communications process is ________.A) evaluationB) continuing educationC) advocacyD) sensitivityE) testing15) characteristics based on where a person or group lives is ________.A) geoautonomyB) geometricsC) geocharactizationD) geometryE) geodemographics 16) Expression associated with the normal conduct of a democracy is known as ________ speech.A) absoluteB) freeC) democraticD) politicalE) republican17) The U.S. Supreme Court has consistently ruled that commercial speech ________.A) has no First Amendment protectionB) has limited First Amendment protectionC) is more restricted than political speechD) A and CE) B and C18) Public relations practitioners should ________.A) study law booksB) hire a really, really good lawyerC) know the laws that govern their organizationD) intern at a law firmE) take the state bar exam19) The use of someone else’s likeness for a commercial purpose without consent is ________.A) slanderB) intrusionC) fraudD) false lightE) appropriation20) A litigation public relations practitioner usually ________.A) has legal immunityB) works for the attorneyC) has a law degreeD) works for the clientE) works for the court 21) ________ is how the United Nations describes as “the growing interdependence of the world’s people through shrinking space, shrinking time, and disappearing borders?”A) DarwinismB) GlobalizationC) SocialismD) McLuhanismE) Populism22) Which of the following was not identified in your book as a social force at work influencing the future of public relations?A) the growth in world populationB) the downsizing of the United StatesC) the changing face of the United StatesD) the global spread of democracyE) Feminization in the workplace23) The demand that women be included in decision making is known as ________.A) empowermentB) role enhancementC) salary equityD) feminizationE) girl power24) According to the PRSA credibility study, ________.A) public relations practitioners got high ratings for the tactics they usedB) public relations practitioners were rated near the bottom of all professionsC) public relations practitioners rated higher than activists, athletes and politiciansD) A and BE) B and C25) ________ skills are among the most desired skills for students planning a career in public relations.A) Foreign languageB) Research analysisC) WritingD) All of the above.