assignment homework

omplete the following problems from your textbook, located at the end of each respective chapter. Save your work as a WORD document, then SUBMIT it to the SUBMISSION LINK for this assignment.

You do not need to write out the questions. However, you must write out your responses in complete sentences. Please be very thorough and detailed. This is your opportunity to “show-off” what you learned this week.

Chapter 18:

Question 18-2

Chapter 19:

Question 19-1

Question 19-4

Question 19-8

Chapter 20:

Question 20-1 

Question 20-5 

Chapter 21:

Question 21-1

Question 21-7

Chapter 22:

Question 22-1 

Chapter 27:

Question 27-2 

Question 27-4 

Question 27-5 

Question 27-6 

Chapter 28:

Question 28-1 

Question 28-3 

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