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  • Conflict Resolution – Setting Ground Rules

Week 5: Conflict Resolution – Setting Ground Rules

DUE: May 5, 2017 11:55 PM

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Assignment Instructions

Assignment 5: Conflict Resolution – Setting Ground Rules

Imagine a scenario in which you and a new partner are discussing testing for sexually transmitted infections. Devise a strategy for addressing this issue with your partner.  Write out a role-play conversation with your partner using the effective communication strategies discussed in this lesson.  Your script must be at least 650 words long. 

Feeling creative? Write a script between people other than a “typical” heterosexual pair– instead, write about a same-sex pair, a pair where one or both people have significant disabilities, where there is a language difference, or a significant age difference. 

Possible Points

Student Points

Your script demonstrated an understanding of effective communication strategies.


Your script demonstrated accurate knowledge of sexually transmitted diseases, and how to test for them.


You used at least one appropriate reference, cited following APA 6th ed. formatting style.


You demonstrated a consistent command of sentence boundaries and spelling, capitalization, punctuation, grammar, and usage conventions.  Your script is at least 650 words long.