Article review – Educational Research


During this course, you will be required to write an Article Review based on the topic described below. Use Liberty’s library database to find scholarly journals with peer-reviewed articles that contain original research. When selecting an article, keep in mind that you may also be using it as a source for your final Customized Learning Theory Paper.

Your Article Review must incorporate a thoughtful, biblical perspective throughout your review. As you write your review, be sure to follow proper, current APA format (Purdue OWL’s website contains an excellent sample of an APA-formatted paper). The length of each paper must be 4–5 pages which includes a reference list and a cover page (there is no need to include an abstract). When submitting the Article Review, be sure to attach a copy of the article you chose to review in addition to your APA-formatted review. Following are additional instructions for your review.

Article Review 1

You must find 1 article detailing educational research conducted using at least 1 of the research methods discussed in Chapter 1. The following questions must also be answered within your summary:

1.         Provide a summary of the research and its findings. What type of of research method was used and what clues within the article helped you to identify the method?

2.         How would the results of this research be beneficial to education, and what questions arise from this research that could be studied further?

3.         How does this research article answer the question, “What is the role of research in Educational Psychology?”

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