ArrayList Program

Write a Java program (non-GUI i.e. Java class) to demonstrate the use of an ArrayList.

The program should allow a user to do the following:

  • Add, edit, delete different types of animals
  • Select an animal, and the corresponding characteristics will be displayed (such as color, vertebrate or invertebrate, can swim, etc.)
  • The program must use ArrayList(s) to work with these animal objects.

Include a brief documentation (using java comments in the code) and  screen shot of output of the program.

All Individual (programming) assignments require students to submit code zipped, code with java comments, screen shot of build output and screen shot of non-GUI output in Net Beans environment


  • All code must we written to generate output in non-GUI application (Java->Java Application). Do not use forms in your Java Application for PRG/421 course. Use only Java class in your project.
  • Zero points are given to students if they submit the wrong files for their weekly assignment even though the student submitted the assignment was submitted on time.