Answer each topic with 300 word minimum-Criminal Justice

Answer each topic with 300 words minimum

Topic 1 of 2: Role in Policing

The traditional policing role has changed with the events of the nation, including 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina. How has the policing role, as first responders and scene containment, changed and what is the police role in Homeland Security?

Topic 2 of 2: Racial Profiling

As the head of a criminal justice organization, you have worked hard to make certain your officers do not take enforcement action based merely on an individual’s skin color or ethnicity. You also firmly believe that your officers do not use racial profiling. A minority group has recently severely criticized your agency and accused your officers of racial profiling. Discuss how you would handle this problem. Be sure to discuss how your ideas could backfire and be used against you.

Topic 3 of 4: Urban-Policing Problems

Looking at the five basic urban-policing problems that lead to deviance, which are the most important? Which can be influenced by a first-line supervisor?

Topic 4 of 4: What Would You Do?

Officer Nick Brown has been a police officer with the Spring Town Police Department for 2 years. Officer Brown is well liked by the other officers, and Police Chief Thompson has commented that Officer Brown would be a good candidate for the next Criminal Investigators position.

You are Officer Brown’s sergeant. Within the past 6 months, you have started getting an unusual amount of citizen complaints concerning Officer Brown. Recently, a citizen complained that $500 was missing from her husband’s pants pocket after Officer Brown had investigated a deceased person. This man had died after suffering from what appeared to be a heart attack. Officer Brown entered the house and had the wife wait in another room while he checked the body. All this occurred before the ambulance or anyone else had arrived. The deceased’s wife said that she was fairly certain her husband had $500 in his pocket when he suffered the heart attack, but it was now missing. Officer Brown and the ambulance workers claim that they never went through the man’s pockets. This is just another example of the recent types of complaints you have received on Officer Brown.

As Officer Brown’s sergeant, how would you deal with this situation? If there was no legal evidence to indicate that Officer Brown was taking goods and money, would you, as supervisor, say anything to him about your suspicions? If so, how would you go about it? Is there any other action you could take to either obtain evidence against Officer Brown for termination purposes or stop this sort of behavior from happening again?

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