Analyzing Psalm 24 

Analyzing Psalm 24

Use the following analytical categories as headings for your paper and analyze Psalm 24.

I.  Background of the Psalm—Research and report on the possible backgrounds of the psalm. There are several you should include in your reporting.

II.  Outline the Psalm.—Develop a detailed outline of the psalm. It should reflect 3–4 levels of detail (I., A., 1., a.).

III.  Explanation of Key Terms—Identify and explain the key terms or concepts of the psalm.

IV.  Explanation of Parallelisms—Identify the parallelisms in the psalm by type and note their significance to the message of the psalm.

V.  Explanation of Figures of Speech and Other rhetorical devices—Identify at least 3 figures of speech and explain their significance to the message of the psalm.

VI.  Explanation of Possible Messianic Connections—Research and report on possible Messianic connections to the psalm.

VII.  Purpose of the Psalm—Explain the main truth the psalm teaches, communicates, or emphasizes.

The paper is to be 4 pages in length, using the Turabian style format and submitted as a Word document. It must have a minimum of 3 outside sources reflected in citations and the bibliography. The title page and bibliography are not counted in the total page count requirement.