analyse Inniskillin and the Globalization of Icewine

Assignment length: 500-750 words (main text)

A case analysis of Inniskillin and the Globalization of Icewine. The wine industry in Canada has faced explosive growth since the 1980’s. Production and quality have both grown commensurately.  The emergence of Inniskillin Icewine as a premium branded product is an excellent example of product positioning based on exclusivity. Please answer the following questions:

  • Roger Provost has his first meeting with the new Vincor owners, US-based Constellation Brands, next week.  What should Roger recommend to Constellation as the best go-forward strategy for Inniskillin Icewine?  Should he recommend (a) maintaining Inniskillin Icewine’s current distribution strategy based on exclusivity, or (b) maximizing Inniskillin Icewine’s premium margins by utilizing the global reach of Constellation’s distribution network to make the product more available in more markets?  Support your answer with details from the case and with secondary research.
  • How much effort should Roger put forth in encouraging the VQA to preserve Canada’s Icewine designation, much like France’s Champagne and Cognac designations are protected?  Is such an approach futile in an increasingly globalized industry, or should the origins of special products be protected?  Support your answer with details from the case and with secondary research.

This case analysis should be between 500-750 words not including title page or reference page. This means that it should be no longer than five pages total, using Times New Roman 12 point font and double line spacing. At least two outside resources must be utilized and properly cited in answering the assignment questions. This assignment will be evaluated on:

  • analysis of the main points in the case and at least two external resources, to use critical thinking to answer the two assignment questions;
  • the correct use of APA style in formatting the paper and citing sources; and
  • effective writing skills such as grammar, punctuation, clarity and concision.