An Overview of the Role of Current Ratio Figures in an Organization

An Overview of the Role of Current Ratio Figures in an Organization

High variations among the Current Ratio figures, Current Assets and Current Liabilities had been predicted all through the preferred analytical phase. All these three things impacted positively or negatively after every single or several years. The Current Ratio of the company remained in the congestion band from 1:5 to 2:8…

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What a Company Needs to Succeed in Global Promotion Strategies

Development of global product and global promotion strategies are part of what any international business seeks to facilitate in its operations globally. For any international business, development of global product and global promotion strategies involves global marketing and is necessary since it is what pushes the operat…

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The History, Formalization and Importance of Business Process Management

Business Process Management was introduced in the 1990s and has emerged as one of the leading applications in business since then. The focus in Business Process Management is always based on the management processes in an organization. It also involves ensuring that the former are in a position to provide benefits deemed si…

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An Overview of the Credit Card Usage in the United States

Credit card usage in the US has been on the rise in the past decade. According to Woolsey and Schulz (2012) a survey conducted in 2007 indicated that 97% of American consumers use their credit cards to buy goods and services. Further, as per 2008 records, more than 176 million Americans had credit cards.  In addition, as pe…

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The Study of Creative and Reflective Business

In the study of creative and reflective business is one of the modules that is very important to a business student due to a number of reasons. The module makes students understand higher education and prepares them for working in an academic setting. Students are given subject oriented strategies that they need to be succe…

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An Analysis of the Business Strategies of Creative Marketing Solutions, a Marketing Firm from California

Creative Marketing Solutions, a marketing firm based in California, plans to establish subsidiaries in Washington, Oregon, and Arizona at an estimated cost that ranges from $400 -$420 million in 2011. It intends to execute the right plans as well asthe capability to promote the double digit growth in the Pacific Northwest….

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The Role of Poor Corporate Governance to Tyco’s Downfall

Lack of corporate governance at Tyco contributed to its downfall. Normally, corporate governance plays a crucial role in controlling the activities of the firm. After learning about the indictments against Kozlowski stakeholders, investors and employees wondered what had happened (Bowen, 1994). This is simply because, they…

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The Mission and Vision Statement of Boston Beer Company

Strategic Plan
According to the current market of Boston Beer Company, they are slowly losing customers to the other brands despite the company being the number one distributor of beer in the country. Therefore, if there is no strategy put in place for the company, it will continue losing market resulting to low profitabili…

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An Analysis of Not Buying It: My Year Without Shopping by Judith Levine

The author of the book Not Buying It: My Year Without Shopping, Judith Levine tries to show how cost effective entertainment could be if we organize our cultural life around a major primary criterion. This re-organization would make us discover new methods of entertainment which are cheap and cost effective. They include bo…

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The Key Elements of the Company Business Model

The key elements of the company’s business model
Key elements of the company are to attract and retain their clients by offering them products at affordable prices. The company also believes in treating its employees well and counts them as important assets. They are the people that are in constant contact with their custom…

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An Analysis of the Two Major Categories of Expenses and Its Impact

Costs are fundamental concepts in business and many other fields. A good analysis of costs reveals the financial position of a company or organization and determines future performance. Losses and profits emanate from costs incurred during production of a product or in offering certain services say in a hospital. Product co…

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An Analysis of Thrr Motorcycle

Thorr Motorcycle was founded in 1990; it got its name from Thorne Reginald hence its name. Its name reflects the immense quantity of motorcycles that exists and its scope of Mission:  make motorcycle available to all youths in this country. A lot has change since 1990; we have grown and expanded our offerings from a single…

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The Strategic Issues that Are Important in Addressing Corporate Social Responsibility Issues

Within a fierce competition in a business, a company is determined to make a huge profit to stay exist. Many times, they are found to conduct unfair practice as a part of their efforts to sustain their business growth. In the most recent perspective, one argues that corporations should be considered as social i…

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The Concept of Corporate Social Responsibility Reports

Introduction Corporate social responsibility reports refer to accounts of the form of business self-regulation incorporated into the business model. According to the proponents of Corporate Social Responsibility, companies earn long-term profits by doing business with a view. On the other hand, critics of CSR argue that CS…

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The Importance of Attention to Standards Relating to Corporate Social Responsibilities in the Activities of Supermarkets

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“Discuss the extent to which attention to standards relating to Corporate Social Responsibility influences the activiti…

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Enron Corporation Files for Bankruptcy After Years of Service

Enron Corporation was the largest American company dealing on energy and Service Company before its bankruptcy in December of 2001. According to Michael (2011), it was one the biggest providers of gas and electricity, employing up to 21000 people by the mid 2001. It was the only company supplying natural gas to consumers. D…

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The Role and Importance of Tax Computation in Government

Computation of Tax Tax has been and still remains the key source of government revenue. This is generated from small scale firms, private and public limited and unlimited organizations. This implies that there is mutual existence of the business owners and the government as they all contributes in the state’s development….

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A History of Abercrombie and Fitch and the Sexuality and Racism in Relation to It

Abercrombie & Fitch and American Eagle Outfitters are two corporate entities that compete for the college and high school markets. Abercrombie and Fitch is an American retailer that emphasizes on casual wear for teen consumers age between 18 and 22 years of age. It commenced business in the nineteenth century. Currently…

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An Overview of the Global Leader in Retail Market Arena, Wal-Mart

Wal-Mart, a global leader in the retail market arena, is a unique entity to pick in a discourse about Core Competencies as espoused by Prahalad and Hamel’s theory. Strategy formulation is a core ingredient in the success of a firm/ organization and Wal-Mart has proved to be a good example in its implementation. Wit…

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An Introduction of Negotiation

Negotiation is a state of affairs whereby different parties to an argument are involved in consensus building.  For instance, in commerce, negotiation occurs between a bank and the client over the advancement of a loan.
In this regard, therefore, contract negotiation is the entering into a written agreement eit…

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The Various Barriers to the Successful Completion of Building Projects

Extension of time is applied in the building contract, which indicates the change of the time of completion of the project that emanate from events beyond control. There are three categories of the completion project delay. They are events which can not be avoided by both parties, events that can be prevented by the builder…

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A Contingency Plans as Necessary Tool Against Risks Occurring in a Company

Contingency plans are a necessary tool in the management of risks occurring in the work place or organisation.
This plan is meant to provide necessary steps and measures needed to cater against risks occurring in a company selling dried dates in France, which are imported from Kuwait.
Scope ans System D…

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An Overview of Product Strategy, a Planning Technique for Selling Products in a Market

Product strategy is a technique used as a planning tool of selling products in a market. It takes into considerations the objectives of the business, selling strategies, pricing, competitors, consumer’s tastes and preferences among others. Product life cycle refers to an arc that shows the life of a product in the market in…

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Why Organizational Leaders Should Be Cautious When Members Team up in Groups

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Organizational leaders should be cautious when members team up in groups. However, their curiosity should be driven towards…

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An Analysis of Theft Among Customers as a Big Problem For Hotel Business in the United States of America

In the United States of America the process of stealing is widely spread among the population. It affects as regular individuals as many businesses. It affects such businesses as restaurants, shop industry, thefts in offices, etc. Theft among consumers is a big problem for hotel business. Theft in hotels does happen. It is…

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