An Overview of the Good Leadership Qualities in an Organization

An Overview of the Good Leadership Qualities in an Organization

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An organization and community can effectively operate when an environment of peace, safety and productivity is created. Such…

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The Difference Between the Concepts of Finance and Accounting

There is a marginal difference lies between the definition and concept of accounting and finance. Accounting is a term used to record and maintain the financial data while the strategies needs to used the company’s funds at a place from where the likelihood of earning would be on a higher side (Charles & Jones, 2007). F…

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The Importance of Performance Evaluation in a Health Care Facility

Performance evaluation is the critical task in heath care facility despite several challenges involved during its implementation (Yeh, Smith, Jennings & Castro, 2006). All organizations: health care facilities, governmental, non-governmental and private sector among other organizations undergo continuous ch…

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A History of the Asia Agri, a Palm Oil Production Company in Asia

Agriculture is one of the most vital economic activities in most of the Asian countries. However, it is important to note that the general productivity levels have continued to decrease, mostly because of drastic climatic changes that have affected some countries like Indonesia among others. Despite the many challenges, thi…

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A Case Study on Employee Training in ABC Campus

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In this case study, Carl Robins, the new ABC Campus recruiter is already facing multitude of challenges in her work. Having…

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The Application of Case Management Programs in Improving the Quality of Care

Case management is an approach to managing care and service delivery to meet client needs in the most cost-effective manner. Case management activities have the potential of saving money, improving effectiveness, and maintaining the quality of care. According to Daniels & Ramey (2005), case management is a collaborative…

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An Analysis of the Traits, Skills and Behaviors of Good Leadership in an Organization

Leadership traits, skills and behaviors Bill’s outstanding trait is value of personal and interpersonal relationship as well as peaceful work place co-existence. For example, he had “excellent relationships with all of his customers”.  Though he needs to ensure that the organizational goals are met, his traits reveal that…

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An Analysis of the Career Model

Currently, many organizations have developed the aspect of the protean career model. They have a flexible structure which allows change in the work setting. It opposes to primitive organization structure which does not allow change in responsibility among employees. This career motivates employee to work hard basing on thei…

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The Importance of Capital Budgeting for Company Investment Projects

Capital budgeting or what is sometimes referred to as investment appraisal is a management process which involves evaluating of the investments of the company to determine where there are viable or not and thus determine whether to accept the project or reject it all together. Some of the investment decisions that has to be…

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The Building and Measuring of a Customer Relationship Management Strategy

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is an extensively implemented strategy used by organizations for managing their interactions with clients, customers and sales prospects. It encompasses the use of technology to automate, organize, and synchronize business procedures; mainly sales activities, customer service, marketin…

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A History of McDonald’s Corporation

McDonald’s Corporation was founded in 1954 and it is today one of the leading corporations in restaurant industry. The corporation has over 32,000 restaurants operating in over 117 countries and a global workforce of 1.7 million employees. Currently the corporation is headed by Jim Skinner as the CEO and the corporation’s v…

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An Analysis of CAE in the Company

CAE is technological giant whose operations are limited to simulations of aerospace, defense and forestry. The company evolved through a number of challenges and opportunities. The opportunities existed in form of funding, market size, and appreciation of their shares as compared to those of the rival companies. The challen…

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An Analysis of the Progress of General Motors Company by 2008

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General Motors was for a long time the biggest auto making company of the world. It did not just lead in innovations in auto…

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An Analysis of Organization

Organizations in the contemporary world formulate strategies to propel their operations and enhance competitive edge in line with their respective core values. In order to raise organizational competitive edge in a market an organization should be in the forefront of establishing a unique approach to both internal and exter…

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An Analysis of the Florida Sony Store, an Established Outlet Store in the United States

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Florida Sony Store is an established outlet store of the largest network of Sony electronics manufacturer of audio, video, c…

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An Analysis of the Barclays Bank PLC and the Methods for Enhancing Sustainability and Growth

Barclays Bank PLC is one of the largest international organizations with over 4750 branches across fifty or more countries in Africa, Europe, North America, South America, and Asia. The bank is estimated to have forty-eight million customers across the globe (Ahuja 2013). It is a British multinational banking company with f…

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An Evaluation of Zimmer Holdings Inc, a Company in the United States

Zimmer Holdings, Inc was established in 1927 and is headquartered in Warsaw, Indiana USA.  Zimmer Holdings Inc designs, makes, manufactures, and markets orthopedic reconstructive, spinal and trauma devices, dental implants, and related surgical products (Zimmer Holdings Inc, 2010). Since then the company has stayed put to d…

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An Analysis of Budget Planning

Budget planning involves the process of establishing the source of income and accounting for all current and anticipated expenses, with target of attaining financial objectives. They drive of any budget plan is to ensure savings after budgeting for spending. Swart () defines budget as a plan and control mechanism whereby pl…

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The Characteristics of the Luxury Brands Sold by LVMH in the United States, Europe and Asia

  1. What are the luxury brands that LVMH sell and what does luxury mean in this context? What is the profile of consumers of luxury brands, in the US, Europe and Asia? What are the characteristics of these market segments and how do they differ from one another? (This includes the present and the potential consumer base in A…

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An Analysis of the Ethical Issues in Managerial Accounting

Introduction of the spark plug in the United States has brought a great impact on the automotive manufacturing industry. Many companies have improved their performance, hence reducing the development time. This has led to a high demand in performance criteria for a vehicle launching. With the introduction of spark plug, the…

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The Importance of a Well-Structured Induction Program in an Organization

Once the selection process is complete, a job offer should be made verbally and in writing to successful candidates. Therefore, a formal employment offer should be made on behalf of the organization. This is executed on the basis of information stipulated in the appointment letter. This includes the terms and conditions ass…

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An Overview of the Concept of Supply Chain in Business

The concept of supply chain
The term “supply chain” is often used in the creation of information systems’ companies. But the concept of an enterprise as a representation of the supply chain is designed in a modern organization theory.
By the specialists of the companies all over the world, including the specialist…

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An Analysis of Strategic Capability

Strategic capability can be defined as the scarcity and appropriateness of the competencies as well as the resources that an organization needs to survive from is difficult, and the aim of this paper is to enhance the strategic capability of Apple Inc. through influencing of their current strategy they are operating in. A s…

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An Analysis of the Effects of Internet Operations at, an Online Pharmaceutical Company

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Introduction and adoption of the internet has in recent years as a market place and a marketing tool, attracted thousands of…

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An Analysis of the Roles and Importance of Organizational Memory

An organizational memory is an accumulated body of data, knowledge and information, created in the course of existence of an organization. This can also include insight and skills that are passed over to new employees as they are employed and are vital to their working within the organization. Organizational memory plays se…

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