An Overview of the Democratic Value of Americans in the United States

An Overview of the Democratic Value of Americans in the United States

“The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter.” -Winston Churchill In America, we pride ourselves on our religious freedom, our comparatively lofty economy, and, above all, our democratic values. In America, we are, and always have been, enthralled by social media. Whether it…

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Understanding the Ethics of Charity

The Ethics of Charity Many schools around the country participate in food drives and fundraisers for charity, but nearly all of these activities promise some sort of reward or prize for the class who donates the most as incentive for students to donate. Some people believe that offering such motivation is unethical because…

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The Factors That Influence and Individual to Conform to a Deviant Group

Abstract Deviant groups rely on its members to uphold group ideals and to maintain practice of those ideals. When a deviant group increases its member size, it also increases its reputation among other groups and among society, which is fragile and able to again decrease. This means that the group seeks to not only gain…

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Prince Harry as a Philantrophist

Royalty is often regarded as a prestigious lineage of blood: a family that is better than others, simply because of who they are and not because of what they have done. Not often do these mighty labels truly serve as a fitting title for a person, but Prince Henry Charles Albert David, known as Prince Harry, earns the title…

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An Analysis of the Controversial Issue of Human Experimentation on Prisoners

Human experimentation is a topic often viewed with a heavy guard and a closed mind, especially when the testing is focused on a group of individuals who cannot disagree with the practices, such as prisoners. When the experimentation is for the development of medicinal purposes that would benefit the entire human population…

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An Examination of the Issues Regarding the Decriminalization of Prostitution in the United States

Prostitution in the United States When it comes to prostitution, most people have inaccurate and prejudiced views of those who sell sex for money, and what it really means to be a sex worker. Too often, we either think of prostitutes as troubled, drug-addicted women or as living a glamorous lifestyle such as the one depic…

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Police Relations in the Case of Michael Brown’s Death in Ferguson

Police Relations in Regards to Ferguson Racism and other ethical issues have become a prevalent and serious issue lately in police enforcement. Bias-based policing, otherwise known as racial profiling, is police-initiated activity based upon a suspect’s race or ethnic background rather than suspicious behavior. Racial prof…

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An Analysis of the Article Who Wore It Better, Juxtaposing Costumed Women and Dogs

Costumes Fit for Neither Women Nor Canine A woman donning blue hair and a cheap, white strapless dress that barely reaches past her upper thighs can pass as the multi-platinum singer Katy Perry, and, according to an article reposted from a porn site to social media and websites of various radio stations in New York, Missou…

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An Overview of the Role and Importance of Tampon in Women’s Hygiene and Health

Following the Tampon String to Its Source “Does anyone in here have a tampon I can use?” is a typical question asked in women’s public restrooms. Nearly every menstruating woman is expected to be in possession of the proper sanitary materials, and one of the most popular products is the Tampax tampon. In 1998, Time Magazin…

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An Overview of the Legalization of Marijuana and Its Benefits

Introduction If marijuana were legalized and taxed the way cigarettes and alcohol are the simple act of spending would be enough to jump-start the economy. Making marijuana legal would serve many purposes including, medical treatment, taxation, the use of industrial hemp, and if the government stopped spending money on co…

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An Examination of the Changes Experienced by Infants, Toddlers, and Children of the Early and Middle Childhood Categories During Their Life on Earth

Throughout life humans experience a variety of changes and advances by way of cognitive abilities, physical abilities, and the ability to relate to others and mature emotionally. Perhaps most notable are the changes that occur during youth. This essay will explore the changes that infants, toddlers, and children of the ea…

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A Journal of My Gender Role Development

Gender Role Journey Journal When I was a child I was taught many things about how a lady should behave in public. Most of these learned roles are still active in my life today and have become a part of my gender identity. My mother taught me things like how to sit like a lady, with legs crossed and arms at your side or r…

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An Analysis of the Factors Affecting the Decision of Individuals or Household in Evacuating or Not in a Hurricane Crisis

To evacuate, or not to evacuate: that is the question. Citizens are faced with this tough decision when a hurricane is deemed severe enough to require evacuation zones. There are many factors affecting the decision to evacuate the area or to stay in their homes, and many of these factors can have both positive and negati…

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Testing the Premise in the Article “The New Trophy Wife” That Men Prefer Career Women to Homemakers

Drawing on Sources Gone is the era of suburban bliss; of white picket fences and 2.5 kids. Deborah Siegel’s “The New Trophy Wife” is an essay entailing the shift of men’s spousal ideals to women who cook the bacon to women who bring it home themselves. But is her assumption correct? We ran our own survey in class, asking b…

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The Environment of Homonormativity

The Rift of Homonormativity Are gay and queer people oppressed? Yes. Are gay white males living in western countries oppressed? Not really. But gay white males, simultaneously in a place of privilege and part of an overall oppressed minority group, have created a Homonormative environment – the idea that the only gay peo…

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A History of the LGBT Fandoms and Its Prejudices

“Life as a fangirl could not get better,” according to YouTube star Tyler Oakley. It is indeed a good time to be a fan of any sort: between websites like Tumblr, Pinterest,, and even Etsy, as well as conventions, fan sites, and the very prevalent merchandise business. However, the fandom life has also attr…

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The Concept of Acceptance

Acceptance is a term that has many meanings and can mean one thing to one person, while it can be something wildly different to another. I’m not talking about being accepting of your surroundings. And no, I’m not talking about just going with the flow of a situation. That kind of ‘acceptance’, or plainly giving up or giving…

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The True Identity of Jay Gatsby in the Article The Passing of Jay Gatsby: Class and Anti-Semitism in Fritzgerald’s 1920s America by Michael Pekarofski

In the article, The Passing of Jay Gatsby: Class and Anti-Semitism in Fitzgerald’s 1920s America by Michael Pekarofski, the main point Pekarofski is trying to get across is that it may be possible that Jay Gatsby, kept his true identity to himself. If so, Jay Gatsby would have been able to surpass the ethnic, social class a…

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An Analysis of a Real Life Experiment A Class Divided by Jane Elliot

Sociological Case Study “A Class Divided” is a real life experiment where a teacher named Jane Elliot tested on a group of elementary students about discrimination. In the film, sociology was seen through with functionalism, symbolic interaction, and conflict perspective. In functionalism the change in the society was th…

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An Analysis of Abortion in the Mother, a Poem by Gwendolyn Brooks

The poem “The Mother” by Gwendolyn Brooks provides an interesting view of abortion from the perspective of a woman who underwent an abortion. The form of the poem is rather simple- a pattern of masculine rhyme where every line rhymes with the line above it. This form adds to the emotionality of the poem. The first observa…

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The Remnants of Human Trafficking Still Exists Today

Human Trafficking Human trafficking is a tragedy, which affects millions of men, women, and children. It has many diverse causes including poverty and lack of awareness and often inflicts physical and emotional pain. The problem could be dealt with through stronger regulations and cooperation between governments, nongovern…

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A Discussion on the Issues of Human Trafficking and Modern Day Slavery

I consider human trafficking or modern day slavery the most significant societal issue facing the word today. I first heard about human trafficking around Christmas 2010. That year when considering what I wanted for Christmas, I found I could think of nothing I really needed. I thought about how fortunate I was and decided…

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An Analysis of Society’s Perception on Women

Summary & Response #1 The subject of Milestone and Meyer’s chapter “Representing Women” in their book Gender & Popular Culture can be boiled down to what society considers the ideal woman and what said woman does, how she behaves, how she looks, etc. This form of woman is then portrayed in popular culture in various ways….

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An Analysis of Society’s Label on Black Women in Chapter Four of Black Feminist Thought, a Book by Patricia Hill Collins

The fourth chapter of Patricia Hill Collins’ Black Feminist Thought is entitled “Mammies, Matriarchs, and Other Controlling Images”, alluding to how black women have been labeled by society depending on the context. These labels, all of which are used negatively, include others such as “hot momma”, “welfare queen”, and more…

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The Characteristics of Fakers and How to Deal with Them

Faking something can be easy in the right context. While plagiarizing a paper in this day and age is something that can be called out and punished easily, not so is the case with things like personalities. “The Cut-and-Paste Personality” by Jennifer Saranow (2008) discusses this within an online context. While any savvy int…

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